The Effects of OmHarmonics Through Time

Hello everyone. I want to share with you that OmHarmonics continues to get better with each passing month. To be honest, I thought that, with time, I’d get a little bored no matter how amazing I found the tracks at first. I thought that the feeling of infinite relaxation, the creativity boosts, the refreshing energy, to name just a few benefits, would have a limit. I thought that the effects of OmHarmonics in my mind and my body would start to fade, to diminish, as soon as the brain got used to the audios.

How wrong I was, my friends! I’ve been using OmHarmonics diligently on a daily basis for the past few months and, were my body to get used to the tracks, it would have happened by now. I’m not an occasional user, on the contrary. I can say with all certainty that the effects of OmHarmonics, far from diminishing, seem to be cumulative. It’s as if, with the passing of the time, the brain took more and more advantage of the daily relax sessions. It’s as if I were training my brain because I’m able to get to the desired mental state more quickly and I stay there for longer periods of time.

This does not mean that I’m constantly floating in a cloud of pure bliss or that I have incredible, ground-breaking idea in a daily basis, I don’t want to exaggerate, but I really do feel really well and I can tell there’s a big difference in how I feel since I began using OmHarmonics compared to how I felt before. My quality of life has improved greatly and my mind is grateful to have a daily break from its exhausting reality. Even if I’m in love with OmHarmonics, as you very well know, I think that the important thing is to find what makes you feel good, no matter what it is, and use it to improve your life.

I hope this humble blog is useful not only to learn about OmHarmonics but also to remind you that you can always be better, no matter what.


My Experience with Omharmonics So Far

My experience with omharmonicsHey everyone, Ernesto here after a brief. In the 2 weeks I’ve been away from the blog, I focused on using the OmHarmonics audios on a daily basis; I tried to be diligent and methodical since I know that it is usually hard for me to be constant… however, with these incredible tracks, it was not hard at all. I followed the free instructions that come with the tracks in order to get the best out of them.

I can tell you without a doubt that I feel better than I’ve felt in years and that is, partly, thanks to OmHarmonics. There’s no coffee cup that helps me to wake up better than The Awakening, or glass of warm milk that helps me to sleep better than The Deep Rest. I’ve also discovered that, after a very stressful, tension-filled day, The Balance helps me to wind down so much that I fall asleep and I rest peacefully, which is not a small thing since I’ve found so many clients that I have a lot of work and only a 24 hours day to complete all the work-related tasks.

What I’ve found very convenient is that the files are mp3 format. I’ve uploaded them to my mp3 player and I take them wherever I go. For example, my wife and I decided to spend the holidays at my inlaws’ country house, so I took my mp3 player with me since I didn’t want to disrupt my new relaxation routine (we all know how stressful our inlaws can be sometimes). My tactic worked wonders and I was able to enjoy the benefits of the OmHarmonics tracks at my inlaws’ country house.

An extra benefit from the OmHarmonics audios is that, since I feel so well physically and mentally, I’ve decided to improve other areas of my life. I’ve gotten an appointment with a nutritionist and I’ve started going to the gym because I want to improve my eating habits and my physical condition. I think that the tracks have made me feel so good that they’ve helped me to make the decision, once and for all, to feel good in every aspect of my life. For now, I haven’t achieved much, I’ve just taken the first step. I will keep you posted on my progress. For the time being, I’m absolutely convinced that OmHarmonics has more benefits than I thought.

And you all, how do you feel?


Omharmonics is Really Great

Omharmonics - HappinessAfter purchasing OmHarmonics a week ago, I can attest that the results are amazing.

Before beginning with this post, I thought long and hard about how to produce an objective review (just like I’d promised) since the OmHarmonics tracks have transformed my whole meditation routine. Of course, it is difficult to separate my own experience, so my review might be a bit subjective. Normally, one week would not be enough to review a new meditation technique; however, just like its creator claims, the results are evident from the very beginning.

I’ve been meditating on a daily basis for two years, but on many occasions I found it hard to reach the state of relaxation needed to meditate properly. When I found OmHarmonics, I decided to give it a try and, since then, I’ve been able to reach deeper meditative states as well as incredible results in other aspects, just like daily energy and creativity when I work.

My routine with OmHarmonics

I normally wake up every morning at 7 am. I decided to wake up 15 minutes earlier and start the day with a short 15 minute version of The Awakening while I lay on my couch. This habit has helped me to wake up feeling more relaxed and to stay wide awake. Later, I have breakfast and leave for work.

Midmorning, when tiredness and hunger begin to invade me, I make a short pause to eat a fruit and listen to the second OmHarmonics track: The Focus. This is the one which shocked me the most. The mental clarity and mental relaxation I achieve after this “recharge” is such that even some colleagues have noticed. Of course, I was happy of being able to focus 100% on my projects in a time of the day when I’m usually daydreaming.

At 6 pm, I’m back home. After a glass of water, I’m back on my couch to listen to the 30-minute version of The Balance. This track is perfect for relaxation. After an upsetting day, OmHarmonics can certainly take the stress away.

At 6.45 pm, I’m ready to spend some time with my wife, go out for dinner with some friends or whatever we have planned for the night.

For when the day is coming to an end, I have a good habit I incorporated a few months ago: I plan my next day. The only thing I added was a pair of headphones and the short version of The Deep Rest, which is meant for this time of the day.

I’ve yet to try The Spark, but I plan on doing so shortly.

Anyway, I’ve had amazing results with the tracks I mentioned before. For that reason, I can say that OmHarmonics is great!

I hope my experience is useful if you’re in a similar position or if you’ve yet to try OmHarmonics.

Omharmonics is a great way to obtain positive results, bid stress goodbye and enjoy a healthy mind.


What is Omharmonics?

As I think many visitors to this blog have many doubts about what OmHarmonics is, I’ll clear those doubts in this post.

OmHarmonics is an audio program which combines meditation techniques with sound technologies with the aim of helping the brain to relax and reach deeper meditation states. Using OmHarmonics is very easy since the training consists of listening to certain tracks according to the mental state you want to achieve.

Omharmonics Binaural MusicOmHarmonics works with the brain waves (which are nothing more than the electrical activity produced by the brain). There are 4 kinds of brain waves: beta, alpha, theta and delta. These determine your mental states. Unlike regular meditation, OmHarmonics is a technique that promises immediate results (from the first time you hear the audios) and an enjoyable experience of deep relaxation. OmHarmonics has a base of aural beats, augmented with heartbeat synchronization and ambient sounds.

Also, OmHarmonics offers different tracks according to your every need. Some tracks are meant to help you relax, stay focused, be more productive, have mental agility, develop creativity, and fall asleep, among others.

I hope that, up until this point, I was clear in my explanation of OmHarmonics. Personally, what led me to purchase the product was the fact that it can be implemented right away and the amazing results it promises.

Truth be told, I have yet to try all the tracks, but I’m getting there. I’ll tell you more in future posts, but the results that I’m getting so far are very satisfactory.




Who is Paul Hoffman?

I’ve always believed that it is important to be familiar with the author of the products I purchase. Each time I go to the bookstore and a book title appears interesting, I immediately check the author of the book. The author transfers part of his essence to his work, so it is really important to actually know the author before we decide to purchase his product. Of course, I did the same with the OmHarmonics tracks.

Meet the creator of Omharmonics

Paul Hoffman, autor of OmharmonicsThe creator of Omharmonics is called Paul Hoffman. I’d heard of him before I even heard of OmHarmonics since he is a renowned musician who has created the soundtrack of many films, TV shows, TV commercials and famous companies (among which is Microsoft). Paul Hoffman is a musical genius when it comes to creating inspiring music, so this helped me to make up my mind to try OmHarmonics.

While I investigated further, I found out that Paul Hoffman has been, for the past few years, experimenting with different sound technologies and the effect they produce in the mental states of the brain. Apparently, OmHarmonics is the finished product of his investigation. Paul patented the new technology and named it SupraNeural FullSync. As opposed to the traditional binaural beats, this new technology allows for a deeper and more pleasant experience. Up until I purchased OmHarmonics, I used a series of binaural beats which offered good results. However, it’s true that they are a bit simple and not too harmonious, so if I could at least get the same results with OmHarmonics (which does not have drum sounds but is actual music), it would be great.

Now all there is left is to see if Paul’s new creation is everything it promises to be (the future of meditation) or just a passing fad.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how things turn out with OmHarmonics.


OmHarmonics – First Impressions

Hi everyone!

I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I guess that, just like me, you’re interested in the OmHarmonics audios. Well, I’ve just downloaded them and it’s time to try them.

What you’ll find in this blog is my most honest and objective review of OmHarmonics. I want to clarify that I’m really tired of trying meditation products that promise incredible results but never deliver, so I must say I’m a bit skeptic as far as the effectiveness of OmHarmonics is concerned. Later, we’ll find out whether they keep their promises. If that’s the case, this blog will remain as a true testimony for the creator of OmHarmonics. If it doesn’t work, I’ll make use of the return policy and I’ll leave the blog online so others will be able to steer clear of the scam.

However, I have to admit that the first impression is quite good. After processing the payment, I obtained immediate access to the website and it took me just five minutes to download the tracks into my computer. There are two versions to every track, a long one that lasts 30 minutes and a quick one that lasts 15. An interesting fact is that they come with a guide which is complete enough to allow the training to proceed smoothly.

I’ll try the audios now… will keep you posted!

Let’s meditate!